Healthy Harvest Gardener

You may have noticed the bright green wheatgrass, oddly-shaped mushrooms, or even live bee displays at the booth of Healthy Harvest Gardener.  After more than 20 years of gardening, Michael's focus on the "different" has led him to try growing countless varieties of veggies on a quest to find the best flavor and nutritional qualities.  
In addition to produce, you can try out freshly-juiced wheatgrass, wild foraged mushrooms, and raw honey.

Michael prides himself on "being different, being knowledgeable, and being informative."  He takes an interest in the health aspects of food and enjoys educating his customers on the benefits of eating natural foods.

In addition, he grows his produce naturally, without the use of chemical fertilizers or sprays.  As he says, "Good gardening starts from the ground up.  [Better soil] is what makes the plants strong when they grow and nutritious when we eat them.  Creating great soil is the first step."

Visit the Healthy Harvest Facebook page for more information, and stop by the booth to try something new!

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