Lone Oak Farm

Welcome Lone Oak Farm to the Indiana County Farmers' Market!

Growing in Marion Center, Lone Oak Farm's goal is to provide healthy, sustainable food to the local community.  They are family-owned and operated for four generations by the Simpson family.

Lone Oak is primarily a dairy farm, but they are selling produce at the market for the first time this season.  If you make the trip to see them on the farm, fresh eggs and raw milk are available, as well.

Products grown:
*Onions        *Carrots        *Watermelon        *Squash  
*Zucchini     *Radishes      *Beets                  *Kale
*Lettuce       *Sorrel           *Potatoes              *Hot peppers
*Tomatoes    *Broccoli       *Cauliflower        *Sweet peppers
When asked what her favorite thing is about farming and selling at the market, Joni replied, "Everything!  Farming is in our blood!  We love the hard work, sustainability, family connection, freedom and health that go hand in hand with farm life.  We are very excited to make new connections and meet other local farmers at the market this year!"

As an operating dairy farm as well as home to goats, rabbits, chickens, honeybees, and the resident dogs and cats, caring for  animals is a top priority for the Simpson family ~ "These animals sustain us and are treated with respect."

Lone Oak does not treat their animals with artificial growth hormones, and they strive to use only natural methods for weed, disease, and pest control in their produce production.

We are thrilled to have them at the market, and look forward to more of the fantastic quality and variety they have to offer!

Learn more about them on their website or Facebook page.

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