Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Week of June 13 & 16

The sun has finally returned (at least for the moment I'm writing this)!  More and more produce items are coming into season, including a big favorite - STRAWBERRIES!!  They won't last long, so get them while you can!

Our Wednesday market is up and running, including a few new vendors.  Stop by and see what's new!

Did you know you can find everything you need for a tasty local breakfast right here at the market?  If you're eating on the go, pick up a freshly-baked rolls or a cinnamon bun, berries, and a hot cup of coffee with flavored creamer.  Or pick up a dozen farm-fresh eggs and some sausage or bacon to cook up later at home.  What a great way to start the day!

This week we will have more live music, this time by Joe Dinwiddie on the banjo and mandolin

We also host Fair Districts PA in the community booth.  Fair Districts PA is a nonpartisan, citizen-led, statewide coalition working to create a process for redistricting that is transparent, impartial, and fair.

As always, you can swipe your credit, debit, or EBT card for market tokens in the market information booth.  Vendors who accept tokens will have a sign posted in their booths.

See you at the market!

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Week of June 9

Huge thanks to everyone who came out for opening day!  We were lucky to have nice weather, a full lot of vendors, live music, artists, and a great turn-out of customers...and we're only getting started!

We were thrilled to have 16 local farmers and producers selling in our very first week of the season!  There will be more to come, as well as greater variety and quantity of produce, as the summer goes on.

We also enjoyed live music by Country Blue and artistic creations by Ruth Barkey and Color to Dye For.

This week, we once again put the spotlight on our new

Card Swipe Booth

Saturday shoppers can now use credit, debit, and EBT cards to shop the market!!  How?  I'm glad you asked...

SNAP Customers
  1. Stop by the card swipe booth and swipe your card for the amount of your choosing
  2. Receive tokens in $0.50 increments for the amount you requested
  3. Receive Foodbucks equal to the amount you got in tokens - DOUBLING your market dollars!
  4. Shop at participating vendors and enjoy the freshest local produce around!
Notes:  SNAP customers may not receive change from vendors when using tokens.  SNAP tokens may only be used to purchase food items that fit requirements of the SNAP program (i.e. fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, vegetable plant starts, etc.)

Credit/Debit Customers
  1. Stop by the card swipe booth and swipe  your card for the amount of your choosing
  2. Receive tokens in $1.00 increments for the amount you requested
  3. Shop at participating vendors
Notes:  Credit/debit transactions carry a small transaction fee, listed at the booth.  Credit/debit customers do receive change back from vendors as needed when using tokens.

Participating vendors (which includes most booths) will post a sign stating that they accept tokens.  Tokens do not expire, so if you have some left, you can spend them next week (or any week after that)!

What are Foodbucks?
Foodbucks are an incentive for SNAP customers to shop the market.  For each dollar in tokens you receive from swiping your EBT card, you receive an additional dollar in Foodbucks.  We hope this program will draw more SNAP shoppers to the market and increase their buying power, helping to make fresh, local foods more accessible to everyone.

Thank you to the Center for Community Growth for sponsoring our Foodbucks program!  
The Center actively engages people of diverse philosophies, faiths, and backgrounds to work together to form a more equitable and sustainable community.

We Need You!
The market and our card swipe booth are run entirely by volunteers.  
Can you commit one Saturday morning per month to staff our booth?  The equipment is simple to use, and training is provided.  If you are interested in helping out with the card swipe booth or any other aspect of the market, e-mail us at indianafarmmarket@gmail.com

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See you at the Market!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Opening Day 2018!

Market season is nearly here!!

We kick off another great year of locally produced foods and much more beginning this Saturday, June 2!

In addition to many of your old favorites, we are welcoming new vendors to the market.  Visit our "About the Farmers" page for a current list of vendors.  Expected booths for opening day include:

  • Cultures (NEW - fermented foods and handmade chocolate truffles) 
  • Huber's 3 Ponds Farm
  • Fat Radish Farm
  • Laughlin's Garden
  • Leap's Farm (NEW - locally ground flours)
  • Li'l Luxurious (NEW - handmade bath and beauty products)
  • Lone Oak Farm
  • Longview Farm & Apiary
  • Mahoning Creek Farm
  • Mother Earth Farm
  • Natalie's Goodies 
  • Nature Works Farm
  • Shine Natural Beauty
  • Uncle Henry's Garden
  • Yarnick's Farm
Look for a variety of fresh, local items, including asparagus, rhubarb, peas, greens like lettuce and kale, root veggies such as radishes and beets, and herbs.  Round out your shopping trip with baked goods, honey, eggs, meats, and handmade bath and beauty products!

Wondering when  your favorite fruits and veggies will be in season?  You can find a chart of popular PA vegetables here.

We also have some special booths scheduled:
  • Music:  The local acoustic duo Country Blue will provide live music.  This is their first time playing the market, so be sure to stop in and listen to some country and bluegrass tunes.
  • Artisan:  Color to Dye For returns with handmade jewelry, tie dye, and seasonal pillows. 
  • Artisan:  Ruth Barkey will bring her unique collection of clay sculptures for all ages.  

Remember, we now accept credit, debit, and EBT at our market information booth.  Here is what you need to know about using cards at the market:
  • Cards will be accepted at Saturday morning markets ONLY.
  • Participating vendors will post a sign in their booths stating that they accept market tokens.
  • When you arrive, visit the Market Information booth.  A volunteer will swipe your card and give you tokens.  
  • You can choose how much market money you want.  Credit/debit tokens are $1 each; SNAP tokens are $0.50 each.  
  • Credit/debit transactions include a small transaction fee to help us cover the cost of this service.  There are no fees for SNAP transactions
  • Spend your tokens like cash with participating vendors.  Note: Change cannot be given for purchases made with SNAP tokens.
  • Tokens do not expire.  If you do not spend your market money, you can use it next week, next month, or even next season!
While we hope that many shoppers will take advantage of this system, please remember that cash (especially in small bills) is still the preferred payment method for many of our market vendors!

Thank you to the Center for Community Growth for sponsoring Foodbucks once again this year.  This program allows SNAP customers to double their market dollars, increasing access to fresh foods and bringing additional revenue to our local farmers and producers!

Please remember that, while we at the Farmers' Market are very fond of pets of all kinds, due to PA Department of Agriculture regulations, no pets are permitted at the market.  If you do bring a pet, please tie them up outside the market area.

Finally, get the most up to date information on our Facebook page, and help us spread the word by sharing our Opening Day event.

See you at the market!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Who Says We Aren't Busy in February?!

It may still be winter, but there is still a lot going on with the market!  We are keeping busy with the quest for a new logo, and our producers are gearing up for the season ahead.

LAST CALL for logo designs!

The deadline for our logo design contest is Thursday, March 1st.  Please help us update our look by submitting your original design.  There is a $200 prize for the winning entry.  Please see the official contest rules and fill out an entry form on our contest page.

IUP has partnered with some of our vendors to bring markets to campus during our off-season.  All indoor markets are held in the HUB Food Court across from the Co-op Store.  The next market is this Saturday from 11-1, and there are several more dates already set between now and the end of April.

Stay Warm!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Logo Design Contest

Calling all artists and graphic designers! 

We need a new logo, and we want YOU to create it for us!  Help us to freshen up our look and represent all that the Market has to offer.

We love our food local, and we want our logo to be local, too!

The contest is open to anyone ages 18 and up, and the deadline for entries is Thursday, March 1, 2018.

Of course, in addition to bragging rights there is a $200 prize for the winning entry!

Visit our contest page for more information, including official contest rules and and entry form.

Thanks in advance for sharing your creative talents with us!

See you at the market

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Last Market of the Season!

The FINAL market of 2017 is this Saturday!!  

Don't miss your last chance to shop fresh, local produce and so much more!  We've had a great season and are hoping to end it on a high note, so bring the family by to shop, chat with our vendors, and visit with your neighbors!

I am also happy to announce that a few of our vendors - Fat Radish, Mahoning Creek, and Lone Oak farms - will be joining together for an indoor market in the HUB at IUP!  You can shop that day or pick up pre-ordered items.  Spring dates are also anticipated.  Other vendors may join in, as well, so keep an eye on our Facebook page and blog for updates.

Several of our vendors offer weekly boxes or drop points in Indiana during the off-season.  Be sure to talk to your favorite vendors or find them online to learn more about the details for each individual business.

Though the market season may be ending, we still have updates, news, and other information to share throughout the off-season. 

If you'd like to get the most up-to-date information on these dates and locations, be sure to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our e-newsletter by e-mailing indianafarmmarket@gmail.com

See you at the market - one last time!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

2 More Saturdays!

2 more markets to go!

Last Saturday, we were thrilled to have such beautiful weather!  We hope this weekend will bring more of the same.

There is still so much to see and buy, even as we approach the end.  We also now accept credit, debit, and EBT cards at the market booth.

While some of our vendors have wrapped up for the season, there are many still selling - with lots of fresh, delicious, and beautiful produce and other items.  The vendors you may find at the market for the remainder of the season are:
In other exciting news, some of our vendors will be working to provide drop points in Indiana during the off-season.  

If you'd like to get the most up-to-date information on these dates and locations, be sure to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our e-newsletter by e-mailing indianafarmmarket@gmail.com.  

See you at the market!