Friday, May 29, 2020

Pre-Order Information

Some of our vendors are offering pre-ordering for your convenience. Take advantage of these pre-order options to help with market safety measures and get access to the products you want.

  • Order & pay online at our website
  • Order by 11am Tuesday for Wednesday afternoon pick-up and by 11am Friday for Saturday morning pick-up.
Our vendors who are unable to offer pre-ordering will still be at the market offering a wide variety of products, so be sure to visit them when you're picking up your order.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

2020 Market Maps

We have established numerous guidelines to help keep the market safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. One of those efforts is to help with way-finding at the market, and introduce one-way foot traffic at the Saturday Market. Please use the maps below for your convenience.

Learn more about the vendors on our maps by visiting our vendor page.

Saturday Market Map
Customers are welcome to loop around the market multiple times. As soon as you exit, you may re-enter.
Saturday Market Vendor Map

Wednesday Evening Market Map

Wednesday Evening Market Vendor Map

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Health & Safety at the Market: COVID-19 Guidelines

Pennsylvania's farmers' markets are categorized as essential businesses and are allowed to operate throughout the pandemic while following certain protocols. In order to remain operational, the Indiana County Farmers' Market must implement safety requirements for both vendors and the public.

Keeping our farms and communities safe and healthy is greatly important to us. We want to continue to provide customers access to the local food system as well as keep our small farms in business by shifting operations to maintain a healthy shopping experience.

We need your help to keep the market a safe place. Please review our customer requirements in preparation for our opening days, June 6th and June 10th.

Customer Guidelines

We ask market customers to please adhere to the following state and CDC guidelines:
  1. Mask or face covering recommended
  2. One person at market per household only (unless necessary e.g. childcare) 
  3. Keep a 6-foot distance at all times
  4. Do not touch products, ask vendor for assistance
  5. Leave pets at home
  6. If you are sick or around anyone who is sick, please do not enter the market
  7. No eating in the market area
Please note that due to the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, requirements are subject to change.

Tips & Notes:

We thank you for your support and help in keeping everyone safe!

Read on to learn more about our market and vendor safety measures.

Market & Vendor Practices

The Indiana County Farmers' Market and our vendors will be implementing regular hand and surface sanitization, different money-handling and product-handling practices, mask wearing, pre-bagging, pre-selling, and more safety measures.

A few of the things you may notice the most are:
  1. Use disposable paper tokens rather than reusable for credit/debit/EBT
  2. One-way foot traffic at the market
  3. No chef demos, musicians, or special events––discouraging gathering
  4. No tasting or touching products
We are saddened that this will change the market experience that we all know and love, but adapting to the current situation is necessary for a brighter future. We must practice safety to protect our community and ensure a steady supply of healthy, local food.

Thank you again for supporting a safe market for our friends and farmers!