Thursday, June 6, 2013

First Wednesday Market

Addison and Madelyn enjoying
fresh strawberries

Flinn's Treasure Tree Nursery
As I rode my bike, with my daughter in the trailer hooked on the back, I realized a nice cold strawberry ice cream would be a perfect treat to enjoy once at the market, and I was right!  It seemed like others had similar ideas about eating ice cream on the warm Wednesday afternoon, and others must share my love of biking as I saw families of bike riders and individual bike riders at the market.

Callifonte Foods was present at the market on Wednesday, a vendor who was at the market last year that I didn't realize was coming again this year, offering homemade pastas fresh and frozen. The appearance of another food vendor, the Home Made Ice Cream Express truck, was greeted with a handful of market customers. There was a lot to see and amazing produce, plants, art, and animal products to buy.

Let me just note, the strawberries from 3 Ponds Farm were out-of-this-world amazing!!

I personally picked up some beets from Yarnicks and decided to grill them with other root vegetables tonight, and was in a pickle deciding what to do with the large amount of beet greens leftover. So I decided to make beet green chips (similar to kale chips if you've ever tried that!)  Delicious and healthy, you can't beat it!  Next time you have extra greens check this page out for ideas on how to use them...beet green recipes
See everyone at the market this Saturday, be sure to check out the live music and featured artisans (listed in the previous post)!!!

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