Monday, September 30, 2013

Market Preview Wednesday, October 3

This week brings our last Wednesday market and there will be NO market on Saturday due to IUP homecoming festivities.  The Farmers' Market will return the following Saturdays, October 12, 19, and 26, with the 26 being the last day for the market this season.  You will notice during the month of October we will have limited vendors.  Be sure to come to the market these last couple of Saturdays to grab all the freshest produce around before our season comes to a close.  We appreciate all your continuous support!  
The list you see below will remain basically the same throughout this month, so this will probably be one of my last blog updates.  If you have suggestions for our farmers' market please send me an email ( or leave me a message on our facebook page. We love to hear from our customers with ideas on how to improve the market experience. We meet in the late fall to discuss how our market year went and how it can be improved for next year, so let me know what you think!

3 Ponds Farm:  beets, herbs, onions, yellow and green zucchini, garlic, white potatoes, butternut squash, new harvest of mixed lettuce
Country Bread Barn:  bread, rolls, cinnamon rolls, canned goods (Saturday only)
Flinn's Treasure Tree Nursery:  will be back sporadically in October with fall greens like lettuce and mustard greens
Home Made Ice Cream Express:  vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, butter pecan, peanut butter swirl, maple walnut (this is their last Wednesday)
Kettle Corn:  original kettle corn, caramel, or chocolate (Saturday only)
Mountain View Acres: broccoli, kohlrabi, potatoes, raw milk cheese, jellies/jams, red and green cabbage, onions, sweet banana peppers, hungarian wax peppers, pork, chicken turkey, eggs, goat's milk soap, eggplant, butternut squash, red and yellow watermelon, sweet potatoes
Natalie's Goodies:  pastries, cookies, cinnamon rolls, jellies/jams
Rebecca & John Spade:  organically grown potatoes (Kenebac, Norland Red, Yukon Gold), garlic, banana peppers, brown eggs (Saturday only)
Sleepy Hollow Orchard:  apples
Yarnicks:  they may be coming sporadically to the market due to their pumpkin festival during the month of October

A re-cap in pictures of our 2013 Indiana County Farmers' Market, thank you!

Springtime Flowers from
3 Ponds Farm
Live Music

Plant Sale Fundraiser


Customer Appreciation Day

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