Saturday, March 1, 2014

relocation proposal

We need your support!!!!!  The Indiana County Farmers' Market is proposing to Borough Council a relocation of our Wednesday afternoon market to IRMC Park at Philadelphia Street and North 7th Street. We are asking council to close the road Wednesday afternoons from Philadelphia Street to the alley Nixon Ave.  This location is more centralized, more visible, and has a friendlier customer atmosphere with benches, tables, and trees!  We also believe relocating here will support our small local downtown businesses!  If you support this and/or the market, please come to the borough meeting March 4 at 7 PM and let your voice be heard.  We will be there from the market, and hope to see a lot of community and business support!

We'd like to thank the following organizations who are supporting us with this proposal:
Downtown Indiana Inc, IRMC, Indiana County Chamber of Commerce

We'd also like to thank numerous downtown businesses who already gave us their support:
Cozy Corner, Gatti Pharmacy, Steel City Samiches, Michael B Shoes, Lucy Rae, 700 Shop, Book Nook, Cafe Amadeus, The Coney, Tracey's Upscale Resale, The Brown Hotel

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