Thursday, October 23, 2014

Market Preview October 25th

What a wonderfully busy season we've had this year, with new vendors, new customers, and new events, we've sure been busy over these past 5 months! We couldn't have had such a successful season without our wonderful sponsors who enabled us to schedule and plan events each week, provide tents for our special events, and allow us to advertise and create new signage for our market. But most importantly, we wouldn't have had the wonderful season that we had without YOU, our devoted customers. With a move to a new Wednesday location, we were a bit worried with how our customer numbers would change, but you showed us that no matter where we are, the Indiana Community appreciates local foods!! We know that it's more convenient to shop at a one-stop shop grocery store for all your food needs, and often times less expensive, but we appreciate and value your support for our local farmers and local food makers. You know that local tastes better and IS better for you, you know that when you support a local farmer you are keeping the money in your community, and you know that it IS more enjoyable to shop at your local farmers market, and we love that!! 
We are always looking for new and exciting ideas for future markets, so if you are a community group that would like more exposure, email us and we can start talking about next year's Community Tent, it's FREE! Are you interested in planning and presenting children's activities at the market, while at the same time promoting your organization, well email us and let us know you're interested in the Kid's Tent for next year! Are you a local musician or artist who wants more exposure, well we have FREE tents for you too! Just email us at

With all the things that we do at the market, we are always looking for more helpers, currently there are just two of us, two community volunteers, who make all that you see possible with the help of our vendors. And one of our community volunteers is going to be trying her hand at farming next year, so she'll be more preoccupied with selling at the market than planning events, so we could use your help! If you're interested in helping with this wonderful community event, please contact us!!

This is the LAST market of the season, please stop out to get your last hand at local goods and to say goodbye until next year to your favorite vendors! See you Saturday!!!

This Week's Vendors

3 Ponds Farm
A&L Produce
Country Bread Barn
Flinn's Treasure Tree Nursery
Healthy Harvest Gardener's 
Jeff's Produce
Natalie's Goodies
Sleepy Hollow Orchard 

Vendors in italics may not be at the market this week

Our tents are vacant for the rest of the season, if you are interested in participating in the market next year please email us so we can add you to our list of musicians/artisans or community/kid's tent groups!!!

If you'd like to be added to our weekly e-newsletter with market updates, recipes, and informational articles please send us an email to to be added to our mailing list, thanks!

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  1. I love farmers markets! It is so fun to walk around on a nice weekend and check out the local produce and goods. I think there is going to be a farmers market in my town this weekend. I will have to double check the date. I always wonder where the sellers get their packaging for their goods from. I will have to ask some one from the market when I go.
    Emily Smith |