Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Community Information Meeting!

Can you smell it? Can you feel it? Spring is in the air, and pretty soon you'll be able to taste it too.  
I'm not a farmer, but my broccoli seedlings are in
If you know a thing or two about gardening, then you know that the farmers are already planting things indoors and outdoors, preparing for our first week of the 2014 market season.  Our start date is still being determined, but we will know early April when the first day of the season will be.  We are inviting you, the community, to our annual informational meeting for the 2014 Indiana County Farmers' Market on April 14 at 6:30 pm at the Courthouse Annex located at 8th and Water Street. If you are interested in becoming a vendor at the market, an interested musician, an interested artisan, or an interested community member who would like to be more involved, we hope to see you at the meeting. Also, if you know of any community organizations who would be interested in showcasing their organization at the market one Saturday, please let them know that we have a community tent available for use each week.
We have a lot of new and exciting ideas for our 2014 market season, as well as a handful of new interested vendors!!  Once we finalize the details of our season, I'll post them to our blog so everyone will have an idea of what to expect at the market this year! *Hint, if you bring your family to the market be sure to be on the look out for kids activity tent.*

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Big Thanks

I just wanted to give a huge shout out of THANKS to all who came and supported the market at the borough council meeting this evening.  It is amazing to have such a wonderful community supporting the market, we couldn't be more appreciative.

I also need to say a special HUGE thank you for the wonderful letter written from President and CEO, Stephen Wolfe, of IRMC in support of moving the market to IRMC Park.  His letter received a round of applause from the public tonight.

Unfortunately the motion to approve or even discuss our topic this evening was tabled by a 7 to 5 vote.  The 7 who voted to table the discussion of the proposal were Brickelmyer, DeChurch, Hartman, Jones, Petrosky, Thompson, and Thorell.  Those in favor of discussing our proposal and even possibly approving us tonight were Hood, Lancaster, Smith, Adcock, and Broad.  It was tabled because they needed more information from their staff on how much it would cost to close that small section of road...

We were asked to attend yet another Community Development meeting on March 17 to discuss this further.  Council member Adcock asked, after the 17th meeting, if council could hold a special meeting March 18 to vote yes or no on our relocation to give the market adequate time to prepare for our season.  Again the same 7 above members (Brickelmyer, DeChurch, Hartman, Jones, Petrosky, Thompson, and Thorell) voted "no" to holding a special meeting after we meet on the 17.

The next meeting we will be attending is March 17.  The earliest we'll know whether we get approval or not will be April 8...

Overall I am frustrated with the outcome of the meeting, and tired of all the run around, but it is heartwarming to see and hear all the support from our community.  If you live in the borough and support our farmers market, call your council member and let them know that their community supports this!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

relocation proposal

We need your support!!!!!  The Indiana County Farmers' Market is proposing to Borough Council a relocation of our Wednesday afternoon market to IRMC Park at Philadelphia Street and North 7th Street. We are asking council to close the road Wednesday afternoons from Philadelphia Street to the alley Nixon Ave.  This location is more centralized, more visible, and has a friendlier customer atmosphere with benches, tables, and trees!  We also believe relocating here will support our small local downtown businesses!  If you support this and/or the market, please come to the borough meeting March 4 at 7 PM and let your voice be heard.  We will be there from the market, and hope to see a lot of community and business support!

We'd like to thank the following organizations who are supporting us with this proposal:
Downtown Indiana Inc, IRMC, Indiana County Chamber of Commerce

We'd also like to thank numerous downtown businesses who already gave us their support:
Cozy Corner, Gatti Pharmacy, Steel City Samiches, Michael B Shoes, Lucy Rae, 700 Shop, Book Nook, Cafe Amadeus, The Coney, Tracey's Upscale Resale, The Brown Hotel