Monday, June 29, 2015

July 1st & 4th

First and foremost the Indiana County Farmers' Market WILL be open on the 4th of July!  Now onto our blog post :)
We apologize for no pictures of fresh market goods from last week's market, but I would have been dodging a massive downpour to snap those pictures since it rained literally the entire time at Saturday's market!  I know our vendors received a lot of compliments for coming out and standing in the rain for 3 hours, but we also need to thank our die-hard customers who also came out to support us! It means a lot to see you there buying our local goods even when the conditions are not perfect, so THANK YOU!  
Now a note about the rain from our E-Newsletter..."Not only does rain bring smaller crowds to the market and soaks our vendors, it also has made it a very difficult farming season thus far. These wet conditions have caused major flooding in our farmers' fields, made it difficult to prepare and plant new fields/beds, and have started causing some plants to get diseases that are associated with wet conditions. All of these problems have made it difficult for our farmers so far this season, and I know we are all wishing for the rain to cease to dry our fields and crops! That being said, we are staying optimistic for sunnier days ahead and crowds at the markets!"

When you stop by our Wednesday market you'll notice that we've moved closer to the Wayne Ave side of the parking lot, making us more visible to you our customers (and hopefully new customers driving by!)  

This Saturday, since it's the first Saturday of the month, there will be free yoga in our Kid's Tent again!  We are also excited to mention that we have musicians booked now through July for Saturday's market, sweet!!  

The farmers' market was again mentioned in the Indiana Gazette, check out the article here!

Kid's Tent: Sunflower Yoga Studio instructor Ed Stancombe
Community Tent:  *We are still seeking community organizations in our Community Tent for our Saturday market, please contact us at if you're interested!*
Artisan Tent: 
Musician Tent: Alyssa Hankey

Some articles you may find interesting on food and agriculture:
Why Americans Should Opt Out of Lawns
^^A personal favorite of mine, grow food not grass!!^^

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July weekend and we hope to see you stop by to pick up everything you'll need for those cookouts!!!

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