Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 29 & August 1

If you haven't seen, the Indiana County Farmers' Market is seeking an un-paid intern/summer volunteer to help with social media updates as well as on-site market tasks.  This would be a great opportunity for a high school student looking to get more involved with the community, local foods, and who wants community service hours!!  Contact us at indianafarmmarket@gmail.com
***This farming mother of two is getting too busy to continue these extra duties at the market!!***

Late posting means a short post, just wanted to give an update on what will be going on this week and next week at the market!

This Saturday in our Kid's Tent we will have free yoga for kid's of all ages thanks to Sunflower Yoga Studio, who is also our newest tent sponsor!

Next Wednesday, August 5, Chipotle Mexican Grill will be at the market distributing BOGO coupons, chips and salsa samples, and kid's activities. Here is a blurb about why they will be at the farmers' market:

Chipotle is once again teaming up with farmers’ markets to support the efforts of local growers, who will help the restaurant reach its goal of serving more than 25 million pounds of locally grown produce this year. Relying on this network of local farms within the mid-Atlantic region, Chipotle is able to serve ingredients, such as bell peppers, cilantro, red onions, jalapeno peppers, oregano and romaine lettuce,  from farms located within 350 miles of the restaurants where it will be served. Chipotle’s use of locally grown produce is rooted in its belief that produce from local growers arrives at its restaurants closer to harvest, resulting in fresher, more delicious food. Supporting local farms also creates and sustains opportunities for small- and mid-sized farms in rural communities around the country.

Kid's Tent: Sunflower Yoga Studio instructor Ed Stancombe, Free Yoga!
Community Tent: 
Artisan Tent: 
Musician Tent: TBD

Monday, July 20, 2015

July 22 & 25

Did you know that all of our vendors grow Non-GMO seed?! You don't have to scan ingredient lists or trust labels at the market, just ask a farmer how it's grown and you'll get the answer straight!  Want to learn more about GMOs and labeling, check out the article shared at the end of this post...

We had a wonderful crowd with sunny skies this past Saturday and were excited to see Sleepy Hollow Orchard arrive with apples. They most likely won't be back for a couple of weeks while they wait for their next variety of apples to be ready to be picked, but it was a nice mid-July treat!  Us farmers are also happy to have dry, warm days ahead of us to get our crops where they should be this time of year, start expecting more and more tomatoes finally!!!

This Saturday you can expect three of our special tents to be booked with live music, a new-to-the-market artisan, and SNAP assistance in our Community Tent.  The market is overflowing with produce from every farmers' stand, this is the time to start buying in bulk your favorite canning items and cookout favorites. Start enjoying the tastes of summer while it's here!  

T. Gaston

Kid's Tent: 
Community Tent: Easy on-site SNAP assistance - Amber Book, Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank
Artisan Tent: Tyler Gaston - Woodworking
Musician Tent: Dan Stonerook

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Monday, July 13, 2015

July 15 & 18

What a wonderful market we had this past Saturday! You couldn't have asked for a more beautiful morning, and it helped to have awesomely delicious smells floating through the air coming from our Community Tent with Nick Karas cooking up unbelievably fresh dishes! We'd like to give a huge thanks to the Nap's Cucina Mia chef for coming to the market and preparing such wonderful dishes, and also thank you to our gracious vendors who donated goods for his presentation!  Not only were his dishes yummy, they looked really pretty too, that's what fresh foods can do!
Beautiful artwork and quintessential farmers market music also helped make Saturday a wonderful day at the market.
Our vendor numbers have been growing, and we are still expecting three more vendors to join us as we continue on with the season!

This Saturday you can expect three of our special tents to be booked with live music, an artist, and children's activities in our Kid's Tent!  We are hopeful that the weather will stay dry and we have another large crowd at the market both Wednesday and Saturday.  We are looking forward to seeing you!  

Kid's Tent: Indiana Garden Club with Jackie Gentile - making garden pet planters
Community Tent:
Artisan Tent: Sami Dancey Pancey - dreamcatchers
Musician Tent: Texas Ted & Jenna Vendetta

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Monday, July 6, 2015

July 8 & 11

We are all thankful here for these few sunny days we've had, and hopefully this pattern will continue and dry out some of our vegetables in time for the market!
Our Wednesday market has been very well attended with our recent move closer to the road, and with the nice weather we've had on Wednesdays!  Saturday's haven't had the best of luck with the rain, but we have some exciting events this coming weekend and hope the weather stays clear!

This Saturday we will be featuring Nap's Cucina Mia chef Nick Karas who will be using fresh market goods to give a live food demonstration and pass out free samples!  This is an event that you don't want to miss, for the past three year Nick has been creating some delicious treats for the crowd and making it look so simple!!
Saturday we will also have live acoustic music by Joseph Dedon and a favorite artist duo from last year, Ashley Bouton and Tyler Rahl.

Remember to come early to the market to be sure you get your favorite produce and goods before they sell out!

We wanted to make a note that many of our farmers have been hit hard with the persistent rains this past June and into July.  You can check out a glimpse of the difficulties we've been facing here in the gazette article.  

Kid's Tent:
Community Tent:  Nick Karas - Live Food Demonstration (chef from Nap's Cucina Mia)
Artisan Tent: Ashley Bouton & Tyler Rahl
Musician Tent: Joseph Dedon

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