Monday, July 20, 2015

July 22 & 25

Did you know that all of our vendors grow Non-GMO seed?! You don't have to scan ingredient lists or trust labels at the market, just ask a farmer how it's grown and you'll get the answer straight!  Want to learn more about GMOs and labeling, check out the article shared at the end of this post...

We had a wonderful crowd with sunny skies this past Saturday and were excited to see Sleepy Hollow Orchard arrive with apples. They most likely won't be back for a couple of weeks while they wait for their next variety of apples to be ready to be picked, but it was a nice mid-July treat!  Us farmers are also happy to have dry, warm days ahead of us to get our crops where they should be this time of year, start expecting more and more tomatoes finally!!!

This Saturday you can expect three of our special tents to be booked with live music, a new-to-the-market artisan, and SNAP assistance in our Community Tent.  The market is overflowing with produce from every farmers' stand, this is the time to start buying in bulk your favorite canning items and cookout favorites. Start enjoying the tastes of summer while it's here!  

T. Gaston

Kid's Tent: 
Community Tent: Easy on-site SNAP assistance - Amber Book, Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank
Artisan Tent: Tyler Gaston - Woodworking
Musician Tent: Dan Stonerook

Some articles you may find interesting on food and agriculture:
GMO Food Fight Hits House Floor

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