Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week of September 14 & 17

Get healthy at the farmers' market!  The theme of last year's Customer Appreciation Day was Health & Wellness, and it was such a big hit, we gave the subject it's own day again this year!

Terms like health & wellness bring to mind so many different ideas and images, and there are certainly many approaches to achieving them.  But, most would agree, lots of fresh, local (and delicious) fruits and veggies is a great place to start!  Join us as we learn new ways of preparing your favorite market produce and share tips for living a healthy lifestyle.

Last week, we enjoyed another lively Saturday at the market!  The League of Women Voters registered voters in the Community Tent, and Charity Brubaker presented her original paintings in the Artisan Tent.  Kendra Fairman of the Wise Women Natural Health Collective provided activity for all ages, including samples of fire cider and a fun market scavenger hunt for the kids!

You might have also seen our booth at the Northern Appalachian Folk Festival over the weekend.  Thanks to all who stopped by!

This week, we celebrate all things health & wellness.  Dietetics Interns from IUP's Department of Food & Nutrition will be on hand in two of our special tents this week.  The Community Tent will feature information and samples of fermented and probiotic-rich foods, and the Kids' Tent will have fun with food science while making tasty fruit sorbet.  We also welcome former professor of Hotel Restaurant Management at IUP, John Baker, to the Artisan Tent for cooking demonstrations.  Gatti Pharmacy rounds out the lineup.

Our featured vendor this week is Shine Natural Beauty - the best smelling booth at the market!  Shine features homemade goat milk soap and a variety of other products.  They make great gifts!

See you at the market!

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