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Farmers' Market Board Members

Darlene Livingston, President
Chloe Drew, Vice President
Natalie Jaworskyj, Treasurer
Jenna Deardorff, Secretary
Emily Hixson, Member-at-Large

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  1. Can I sell my homed canned Tomatoes at a Farmers Market and my salsa they have great reviews and I cann according to Purdue Extenstion service and the Ball book requirements... Thanks Peggy Please email me any help at however please answer in email also Thanks God bless

  2. This morning at the senior center they had to turn people away because there were so many. Some were told they didn't have any forms left, supposedly they only has 100 printed. Pretty sad for our seniors who have been going to the Farmers market for years.

  3. I wanted to express that I think the times of the Wednesday market need changed. 3:30-5:30? Really? People getting off work may not be able to make it in time if they are commuting and you are stealing that from the vendors. Some of these vendors travel for miles to get there, and take the time to set up - for two measley hours? At least give them til 6:30 so that people getting off work can get to the market. This seriously inhibits me from supporting the market, the hours are SO limited! I realize there are saturday hours but I like to go twice a week to stock up.