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Check out the links below for other local minded food and farming groups in Indiana!

Green Life Indiana
This local (Indiana based) blog is made up of a network of people interested in eating and living healthier. Here you can find a multitude of information, specifically co-ops and CSAs, that can be delivered to Indiana!  Wonderful resource! They also have a facebook group.

Penns Corner
Penns Corner is a farm alliance based in Southwestern PA made up of farmers from 7 different counties. They deliver fruits, vegetables, and other farm products YEAR-ROUND through their CSA program.  Drop-off point is at the shop Yarns on Philadelphia Street.  At least 3 of the 30 different farmers who are a part of this cooperative are from Indiana. Check out their blog.

Davis's Farm
Davis's Greenhouse has a CSA that delivers to Indiana at White Farm Road.  They are located in Indiana County and offer vegetables, greens, eggs, and some fruits in their CSA shares. Their produced is grown in their greenhouse. Check them out on facebook too!

Indiana Community Garden
A great way to learn more about gardening and enjoy this favorite pastime with fellow gardeners. Come out to the garden and help plant and harvest in the community bed, learn from experienced gardeners, and enjoy food demonstrations once a month. Each Wednesday at 5:00 pm and Saturday at 10:00 am, come to the garden for our "garden days" and water, plant, and harvest with fellow community garden members.  Check us out on Facebook.

PASA Pennsylvania for Sustainable Agriculture
Promoting profitable farms that produce healthy foods for all people while respecting the natural environment.

Buy Local Buy Fresh Buy Local PA
This program celebrates regional foods-heirloom tomatoes, farm-stead cheese, varietal wines, pasture-raised lamb, crisp apples-the abundance and diversity of foods available to your locally and truly inspirational.

Local Harvest
Local harvest is a website that displays organic food that's grown closest to your location.

Eat Wild PA
This website lists information for local grass-fed food and facts.

PA State Parks Explore PA's Outdoors:  Where to Go

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