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July 16th & 19th Market Preview

Nick Karas live food demo
Nap's Cucina Mia
Small crowd at the
3rd story time of the morning
Last week both our Wednesday and Saturday markets had large, continuous crowds and we saw a lot of our vendors sell out of their products!  We are hoping with the beautiful looking forecast predicted for this week will again draw large crowds for our markets and our vendors!  If you need another reason to stop at the market this week, maybe having two new vendors arrive will be the push that you need!  We are very excited to welcome to our Wednesday market Smicksburg Communiy Cheese!!!  We are also excited to welcome Eagle Run Farm to both our Wednesday and Saturday markets!  Spread the word, Eagle Run Farm has an EBT machine that will accept SNAP cards!!  Check out our About the Farmer/Vendor Page to read our latest bio on Jeffrey Stauffer of Jeff's Produce, we will be visiting his farm this Tuesday!  Later on this week we also hope to visit A&L Produce's farm, so check back to read about two of our new vendors!

At the Wednesday market this week we will have artisan Crystal Miller back again displaying and selling her unique collages.  Saturday's market brings back artisan Chere Winnek-Shawer, a local jewelry and scarf creator who was at the market last year.  We will also have an exciting activity for children of ALL ages, Sunflower Yoga Studio will be presenting yoga for children at the market at 9:15 and 10:15 thanks to instructor Ed Stancombe.  Our Community Tent will feature a dietitian from Indiana Regional Medical Center and our musician is TBD.  Below is our list of vendors who will be present at the market this week.

3 Ponds Farm
A&L Produce
Country Bread Barn
Eagle Run Farm
Eight Maples Farm
Flinn's Treasure Tree Nursery
GG Soap and Bath Products 
Healthy Harvest Gardener's (Saturday only)
Hill Crest Farm
Home Made Ice Cream (Wednesday only)
Jeffery Stauffer
Milk & Honey Bake Shoppe (Saturday only)
Natalie's Goodies
Peterson Produce
Smicksburg Community Cheese (Wednesday only)
Yarnick's Farm 
*note, not all of our vendors are listed as some will come later in the season once their crops are ready, check out the Vendor page to see our complete list* Vendors in italics may not be at the market this week.

Saturday's Market Events:
Community Tent:  Indiana Regional Medical Center's Dietitian Tiffany Giles
Kid's Tent:  Sunflower Yoga Studio presenting children yoga, Ed Stancombe
Artist Tent:  Chere Winnek-Shawer
Musician Tent: TBD

After last Wednesday's market I decided to prepare a delicious greek themed dinner that was amazingly simple and super quick to put together.  And above all it was great tasting and so refreshing on a hot summer evening!  I'll include the links to the three recipes I used.
quick summer meal
Here's a quick rundown of what the dinner consisted of:  Grilled greek zucchini or squash (I added feta on top at the end until it melted slightly), grilled greek marinated chicken, cucumber tzatziki, and I added a freshly chopped tomato and pepper as sides that went great with every aspect of the meal, hope you enjoy!!
Grilled Zucchini
Greek Marinated Chicken

Cucumber Tzatziki

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